Why Use Aluminium Foil Caps ?

Aluminium foil caps, when compared to many expensive closure systems,

provide tremendous benefits to many industries, and for many product types:

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For decades, Aluminium Foil Caps were the choice of the Dairy Industry as closures for glass milk bottles. Caps were formed and applied by a Capping Press and then crimped to the bottle top. Over the years, the demand for extended product shelf-life encouraged the development of more advanced foil types with special coatings, such as lacquers and laminates. Modern foils can provide a hermetic seal to plastic and glass containers, through induction or conduction sealing methods, offering increased product life, tamper evidence and cost savings, amongst many other benefits.

Cost-effective: Foil Caps are a high-quality, low-cost closure solution. They can be used on their own for single portion containers, or where re-sealing is required, with snap-on or screw-on plastic over-caps.
Foil Caps can be fitted over plain or threaded container necks. Highly efficient, clean, and cost-effective hermetic sealing can be provided with or without a plastic over-cap, using the unique ACS Linear Belt Sealer.

Product Image: Foil Caps (not to be confused with basic flat diaphragms) are a perfectly formed closure solution produced directly from foil reels. They can be coloured, have patterns, embossing, company or brand logos etc., and can also provide the perfect basis for carrying your promotional activities. Foil Caps contribute to the quality image required to sell single units, whether for new packaging designs, or to replace existing low-image closures that are traditionally concealed within multi-pack outer sleeves. Foil Caps will help to define the marque of your product.

Product Integrity: Foil Caps, subject to specification, can provide a hermetic seal, helping to ensure that your product reaches your customers in the best possible condition, and thus providing increased customer confidence, brand loyalty, and helping to minimise costly rejects and returns.

Safe Handling: Foil Caps can have considerable strength and yet remain pliable, providing product security, easy opening and safe handling. Where safety and security are of particular importance, the Foil Cap may be the preferred choice (e.g. on bottled drinks served on aircraft).

Product Security: ‘No Foil Cap = No Guarantee of Freshness or Origin’. High quality Foil Caps can only be produced in significant quantities using specialist equipment like the ACS Capping Press. Once removed, a Foil Cap cannot be replaced without obvious deformation (tamper evidence). Increase customer confidence and improve your sales by providing a means of identifying ‘your genuine product’, which in turn will help to protect your brand names and your investments in your valuable markets.…

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