The ACS Aluminium Capping Press

The ACS Aluminium Capping Press

ACS Ltd. manufacture the world’s most advanced Capping Presses, producing aluminium caps directly from the reel.

The ACS Capping Press is renowned for:

Low Operating Costs
Low Maintenance CostsHigh Production SpeedsExcellent build qualityroven ReliabilitySpace Saving Design
Aseptic Environment suitability (IP65 where specified)
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ACSPress – the worlds most advanced capping press
The ACS Linear Belt Sealer

This unique sealing solution has the ability to seal by induction and variable pressure, on foil caps alone, or on foil through plastic over-caps. It is unmatched in performance.



Benefits include:

Low Purchase Cost (compared to conduction equipment)
Low Operating Costs
Low Maintenance Costs

High production Speeds
Consistent High Quality Sealing
Space Saving Design
Easy Access
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ACS Linear heat sealer – A world leader
ACS Quality Control Equipment

Guarantee quality to your customers and protect your downstream equipment. Our production line quality control equipment provides from single function to complex
multi-tasking modules, and can be custom built to meet your specific requirements.


Features currently include:

Over-Cap In Place
Foil Cap/Diaphragm In Place
Cap Colour Identification
Bar Code check
Label IdentificationMetal DetectionClick for more details: ‘Cap-Sure’ QC Inspection / ‘Ferro-Sure’ Metal Detection

bar code verificationACS Quality controlCap checking…

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