About Us

Alcoa Closure Systems International, Inc. (CSI), a subsidiary of Alcoa, is an outgrowth of the 1972 consolidation of the company’s worldwide metal closure (bottle cap) and capping equipment businesses.

Alcoa CSI aluminum and plastic closures

In 1986, CSI acquired H-C Industries, Inc., which had developed a patented compression molding process to make plastic closures.

CSI is recognized as the world leader as a closure systems supplier, provider of quality products and service support to the soft drink market. It is also a major supplier to juice, bottled water, beer, food, liquor, pharmaceutical, motor oil and other markets.

Products include compression- and injection-molded plastic closures, aluminum RO® (roll-on) closures, and capsules for corked wine and liquor containers. The equipment line marketed by CSI includes state-of-the art cappers, decappers, cap feed systems, bottle sorters, and other equipment for bottling companies.

When CSI acquired H-C Industries, its rotary compression-molded process for making closures was an industry first. The H-C Wing-Lok® closure was the beverage industry’s first successful mechanical tamper-evident closure.Alcoa CSI global products

CSI business units in the United States, Mexico, South America, Germany, Spain, Japan, Bahrain, China, Hungary and Russia now manufacture plastic closures with the Alcoa (H-C) compression molding process, as do several licensees around the world.

In its 21 locations and offices worldwide, CSI employs nearly 5,000 persons. They produced and sold in excess of 50 billion closures during 2001. The company is guided by principles of strict customer satisfaction, total quality manufacturing and technical service, all tied to specific customer